Five restaurants to eat traditional food in Lanzarote

Lanzarote stands out for its rich gastronomy with traditional dishes that you cannot miss


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El Monumento al Campesino
El Monumento al Campesino

Lanzarote is an island that stands out for its beaches and volcanoes, but also for its rich gastronomy, from traditional agriculture products to fresh fish and shellfish.

For this reason, it is essential that you try typical dishes such as wrinkled potatoes (papas arrugadas) with mojo, millet broth or cheeses in the best places on the island, so that you leave with a good taste in your mouth. Here are three places in Lanzarote where you can enjoy the typical Canarian food.


1. Restaurant at the Monumento al Campesino

The quintessential place to eat typical Canarian food is the Restaurante al Monumento al Campesino, in San Bartolomé, since it combines quality traditional dishes with more elaborate ones in an emblematic enclave.

The main area of ​​the restaurant is located in a room that communicates with a volcanic jameo, where you can taste the famous potatoes with mojo, gofio, the best cheeses on the island, octopus and meat, as well as a good Canarian stew, there is something for everyone.

You can also choose to eat on its terrace, with views of the sculpture by the Lanzarote artist César Manrique, called "Fecundidad", which together with the restaurant, are part of the Casa-Museo del Campesino, which aims to honor the efforts of the peasants of the island.

It is important to mention that the restaurant is only open for lunch and has an average price of around 20 to 25 euros per person. After tasting their dishes, you can visit the area of ​​La Geria to have a table wine, a protected natural area of ​​more than 5,000 hectares, where vines are grown in holes excavated in the volcanic ashes that protect from the wind with semicircular stone walls. 

Restaurant at the Monumento al Campesino

2. Los Valles teleclub

Nor can you leave Lanzarote without eating at a teleclub, especially in the one in the town of Los Valles, since it is not just a Canarian food restaurant, but it is quite an experience.

The teleclubs, scattered around the island, are not just restaurants, but socio-cultural centers where the townspeople tend to gather to play cards or Canarian ball, and in passing, enjoy the typical dishes of Lanzarote, such as carne fiesta, the millet broth or the wrinkled potatoes.

The one in Los Valles, in particular, is considered one of the best teleclubs in Lanzarote, standing out for its quality, as well as for its close relationship with the client. With an average price of around 20 or 25 euros per person, you can eat until you explode.

Once you have finished eating, you can go to the Las Nieves viewpoint or even the Bosquecillo viewpoint, at the top of the Famara cliff, to enjoy the incredible panoramic views, which at sunset are tinged with reddish and orange tones.

Los Valles teleclub

3. Bar Stop in Yaiza

If, on the other hand, you are in the south of the island, a mandatory stop is the Bar Stop de Yaiza, a traditional and informal bar "of all life" that serves the best tapas and wines of Lanzarote.

Since 1890, this authentic village restaurant has had a daily menu of typical Canarian food at a very affordable price, with an average cost of between 10 and 15 euros per person, although you will have to pay in cash, since there is no option to pay by card.

The dish par excellence is the mythical chickpeas, prepared first thing in the morning, and they tend to run out quickly, so it's a good idea to go early if you don't want to leave the island without trying them.

Stews, sancocho, ropavieja or tollos are also popular, all of them prepared in the most traditional way, but with a lot of flavour. In addition, before or after eating you can take the opportunity to take a walk through the picturesque town of Yaiza or take the opportunity to visit the volcanoes of the Montañas del Fuego or even spend the day on the beaches of Papagayo.

bar stop lugar
Bar Stop in Yaiza