The 8 most instagrammable places in Lanzarote

The island has many Instagram-worthy spots, such as wild black sand beaches, viewpoints over 400 meters high and caves inside volcanic tubes


24 de agosto de 2022 (15:58 CET)
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Montaña Bermeja's beach. Photo: José Luis Carrasco
Montaña Bermeja's beach. Photo: José Luis Carrasco

Nowadays, with the rise of social media, no matter how much you say that you are going on a trip to enjoy the landscape, the reality is that you will probably end up taking photos, and even more when you go to a place as instagrammable as Lanzarote.

The island has breathtaking viewpoints, wild black sand beaches, secret caves and many places with movie sunsets. However, sometimes it is difficult to know which are the key places to take a photo and succeed on Instagram.

Below, you’ll find eight spots in Lanzarote that your followers will love.


1. Risco de Famara viewpoint

In the north of the island, in the municipality of Haría, there is one of the most impressive places to watch the sunset and to take some epic photos along the way, the Risco de Famara viewpoint.

To get to it, you will have to follow the LZ-10 road that connects Haría with Los Valles and, once at the Haría viewpoint, you will have to turn left onto a dirt road. Once you reach a crossroads, you will see a sign pointing to the right, but you have to go straight on instead.

This path will take you practically to the edge of the cliff, from where you will have privileged views of the beach and the town of Famara with volcanoes in the background, all at more than 400 meters high.

An even more impressive picture at sunset, it is also worth photographing on a day with the occasional cloud, so you can picture also the so-called sea of ​​clouds.

Mirador del risco de Famara
Risco de Famara viewpoint


2. Famara beach

Under the imposing Risco de Famara there is a beach with the same name, a place very popular with tourists thanks to its waves. Its six kilometers of golden sand make Famara beach the perfect place for long walks while the sun sets on the horizon.

The most spectacular photos take place at sunset, when the cliff turns reddish and the sky is filled with orange tones, which mix with the blue of the sea. And if you are a photography lover, but you do not like to be in the photos, you can always take the surfers catching waves with the cliff in the background.

La playa de Famara al atardecer. Foto Yaiza García
Famara beach at sunset. Photo by Yaiza García


3. Montaña Bermeja

Lanzarote also has a wide variety of black sand beaches, perfect for a photo shoot that reflects the contrast of the white foam of the waves with the dark color of the sand.

Undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular is Montaña Bermeja beach, located in Yaiza, in front of a reddish-colored volcano with the same name and a small pond.

As the tide hits this area strongly, swimming is not recommended, but it can become the perfect place to watch sunsets and to take the odd photo for Instagram.

Montaña Bermeja, en Yaiza. Fotos: José Luis Carrasco
Montaña Bermeja, in Yaiza. Photo by José Luis Carrasco


4. Planes on Guacimeta Beach

Few places in the world allow you to take a photo on the beach with a plane flying over your head less than 100 meters away. One of them is in Lanzarote.

Guacimeta beach, located in front of Avenida de Playa Honda, is known by its kilometers of sand and its calm waters, but also for bordering a unique area, the César Manrique airport in Lanzarote.

Every day, dozens of tourists come to this area to witness how planes take off and land and, incidentally, take an epic photo to remember. To get to this area, just follow Playa Honda avenue walking towards the airport.

Turistas viendo aterrizar los aviones desde la playa
Tourists watching planes landing from the beach



5. Los Charcones in Yaiza

Los Charcones have been gaining popularity in recent years among Canarians and tourists who visit the south of the island.

Located in the municipality of Yaiza, just 2 km from the Pechiguera lighthouse in Playa Blanca, this set of natural pools is made up of hundreds of small natural pools.

The best photo is, without a doubt, from an overhead perspective, to capture the turquoise color of the water and the shapes of the rocks in the background.

Although it is a good place to relax, it is important to mention that on days with high waves or wind the pools can become unsafe for swimming, since the waves can hit the coast with force, so the best advice is to stay in the pools closest to the interior and be careful.

Los Charcones
Los Charcones


6. Orzola’s Cave

Up north, there are also several very Instagrammable places, such as the cave on Órzola´s beach. To get to it, you have to walk across the beach of the fishing village in the direction of the cliff.

At the end, you will see several rocks accumulated in the shape of a wall, if you cross them carefully you will discover the hidden cave of Órzola. Although passing the rocks can be done without any difficulty, it is important that you make sure that the tide is completely low so that the water does not reach that area, since the waves tend to hit the beach hard.

At this location you can play with the waves in the background and with the shadow provided by the cave to take a most spectacular photo.

Cueva de Órzola
Cueva de Órzola


7. Jameos del Agua

The works of the artist from Lanzarote César Manrique are also worthy of being on Instagram profiles, as they manage to reflect the harmony between the environment and the architecture of the island.

One of the most original is Jameos del Agua, in Haría. It is a lake inside a volcanic tube, where still today a unique endemic species called the blind crab lives.

Although these crabs are too small to be able to take a selfie, the space itself is perfect for taking photos, as it manages to mix the turquoise blue of the water, the white of the ground, the black of the volcanic rocks and the green of the large ferns in perfect harmony.

One of the best locations for a photo is at the top of some stairs outside, overlooking the pool and the large palm tree.

Los Jameos del Agua
Los Jameos del Agua


8. Mirador del Río

In any case, if you are one of those who find it amazing to contemplate other islands from a given island, your place is the Mirador del Río, another of Manrique's works.

This is one of the most touristic points of the island. From the balcony itself and from the panoramic glass windows of the viewpoint, visitors can contemplate the Chinijo Archipelago, a group of islets formed by La Graciosa, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste, Alegranza and Montaña Clara.

On a sunny and cloudless day, you will get an epic photo as the islets in the background will be seen sharply. Another magical occasion for a picture would be at sunset with the occasional cloud. 

Mirador del Río
Mirador del Río