The 7 most spectacular viewpoints in Lanzarote

Most of them are free and are distributed from north to south of the island, some at more than 400 meters high


24 de agosto de 2022 (15:57 CET)
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Mirador del Río, en Haría
Mirador del Río, en Haría

One of the most different ways to enjoy Lanzarote is from above, through its spectacular viewpoints scattered throughout the island's geography.

From the viewpoints, most of them free and some with an entry fee, not only can you see the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the archipelago, but you can also see wonderful sunsets. At night you can have a great view of the stars that make up the Milky Way.

Many of the most important viewpoints on the island are found in the north of Lanzarote, specifically in the municipality of Haría, guarded by the Risco de Famara, with its average height of 400 meters, but which at its highest peak reaches up to 671 meters.


1. Mirador del Río

The viewpoint par excellence is Mirador del Río, which owes its name to the space of seawater that separates the island of La Graciosa from Lanzarote.

This is one of the most touristic spots on the island, but also one of the most valuable, since it is a piece of work by the Lanzarote artist César Manrique and integrates both architecture and nature.

From the balcony itself and from the panoramic glass windows of the viewpoint, visitors can contemplate the Chinijo Archipelago, a group of islets formed by La Graciosa, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste, Alegranza and Montaña Clara. In addition, the space has a cafeteria to have a snack from above with heart-stopping views.

Mirador del Río
Mirador del Río


2. Guinate viewpoint

In the municipality of Haría, in the north, there is also the Guinate viewpoint, from where you can see the Chinijo Archipelago from another perspective.

It is one of the most unknown and  less crowded viewpoints, so you will most likely find fewer tourists, which will allow you to take some photos with an enviable landscape without having to wait for the best spot.

To get there, you have to follow the road that takes you north, the LZ-10 and, once you pass the town of Máguez, turn left onto La Majadita street and, at the end of the road, you will find the lookout.

In addition, the town of Guinate, and Haría in general, is a highly recommended place to visit from winter to spring, since after the seasonal rains, the fields are filled with colored flowers. Also the volcanoes and hills of the region turn completely green.

Mirador de Guinate


3. Risco de Famara viewpoint

This viewpoint is hardly signposted, but getting there is easier than it seems. You simply have to follow the LZ-10 road that connects Haría with Los Valles and once you reach the Haría viewpoint you will see a dirt road on the left with several small signs indicating the way to go.

As it is not paved, the road tends to be very bumpy, so it is important to go slowly during this part of the journey. After a few minutes, passing several houses, you will come to a crossroads with a sign pointing right, but you have to continue straight on instead.

You will arrive to an area where you can leave the car and enjoy the privileged views of the beach and the town of Famara, with volcanoes in the background and the imposing cliff at your feet.

Being more than 400 meters high, it is recommended to go on days when the weather is very good, since otherwise you may find many clouds, and you will not be able to see anything at all. Windy days can also be a drawback, as strong gusts could dislodge you.

Mirador del risco de Famara
Famara's cliff


4. El Bosquecillo viewpoint

Right next to the Famara viewpoint you can also find the popular Bosquecillo viewpoint. This one tends to be more touristy, since it is signposted, and you can find it on any map.

The path to the viewpoint is simple, once on the dirt road, when you reach the crossroads, instead of going straight you must turn right, following the sign that indicates the direction of the Grove.

After two minutes by car, you will arrive to a car park, where you can leave your car. You will also see a small park located on the heights of the cliff and a picnic area, with heart-stopping views of Famara beach. You can also enjoy the landscape offered by the Chinijo Archipelago.

In addition, for the bravest, on the left side there is a kind of balcony where you can feel and witness the height of the imposing cliff, as well as take an epic photo to remember.

Mirador del Bosquecillo
El Bosquecillo


5. Haría viewpoint

Near the two previously viewpoints mentioned, you can find the Haría viewpoint, recently renovated, offering views from the heights of the small town that gives its name to this location.

To get to it, it is enough to stop in a designated area next to the LZ-10 road that connects Haría with Los Valles, it is just to the right of the path that leads to the Bosquecillo.

A particularity of this viewpoint is that from it you can see "the little witch of Haría" once it gets dark. This refers to the shape of the public lighting in the town of Haría, which looks like a witch riding her broom. 

Mirador de Haría


6. El Golfo

The south of Lanzarote also has viewpoints worth visiting, such as the one in El Golfo, one of the most touristic ones, but also the most original, since it seems to have been taken from planet Mars.

To access it, all you have to do is park your car at the entrance to the town of El Golfo, in a dirt car park enabled for this purpose, and follow the indicated path between reddish volcanic rocks and a black sand beach where the waves hit the shore with force. Once at the top of the viewpoint, you will also be able to observe the famous Charco de los Clicos, better known as “Lago Verde”, a name given to its greenish color caused by the type of algae found inside.

Mirador de El Golfo
Mirador de El Golfo


7. Los Hervideros

Finally, about 10 minutes by car to the south, you will find the Hervideros viewpoint, a rock formation where you can appreciate the voracity of the ocean crashing against the cliffs.

The area has several paths and stone balconies where you can stick your head out, all enabled so that anyone can enjoy de landscape, including children, of course, always accompanied by adults.

Unlike most recommendations to visit the beaches and natural pools of Lanzarote, in this case, it is worth visiting the viewpoint when sea is rough, always with great caution.

Mirador de los Hervideros
Los Hervideros