Best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in Lanzarote

In Costa Teguise you will enjoy waves for all levels and numerous schools


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Among other things, Lanzarote is also known for its incredible conditions for water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to its pleasant temperatures all year round, the variety of beaches and, above all, its trade winds.

Such is the quality of these spots that Lanzarote has hosted the world windsurfing championship for years, although it is also the perfect place for those who are just starting out in both sports, with numerous schools to train you in all levels.


Windsurfing in Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Los Jameos

As far as windsurfing is concerned, the island has numerous spots ranging from the tourist areas of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen, to the north of the island at Los Jameos, with places for all levels.

Specifically, the best time to practice this sport is when the strong trade winds are blowing, that is, from June to August. The best month is July.

1. Costa Teguise

The place par excellence for windsurfing in Lanzarote is the beach of Las Cucharas, in the tourist area of Costa Teguise. Such is its fame that it has even hosted the World Windsurfing Championship in July. 

Las Cucharas is a beach located in a kind of enclosed bay where large waves break to the left, away from the beach, thanks to its outer reef. 

It is also a place visited by sportspeople of all levels, although due to its popularity, there are days when the place is too crowded, both by windsurfers and tourists who go to spend the day at the beach.

It is important to mention that there is also another spot in Costa Teguise, more frequented by locals, just a few metres from Los Charcos beach

It is worth highlighting the rise of wing foiling in recent years. In both Las Cucharas and Los Charcos you can find a good number of practitioners of this new form of windsurfing, in which the board flies in the air thanks to the effect of the foil-type keel.

2. Puerto del Carmen

The tourist area of Puerto del Carmen also has spots for windsurfing, specifically on the beach of Los Pocillos and in Matagorda.

Both locations are perfect for those who want to get started in this sport, although in general the sea is flat and the wind blows lightly, when the trade winds blow in summer, you can get a few big waves, especially offshore.

In addition, these are very large areas that are not usually crowded, so you can windsurf without being worried about the crowds.

3. Los Jameos

Finally, for those with more expertise in windsurfing, the perfect place is at Los Jameos beach, just a few meters from one of Lanzarote's most impressive tourist attractions, Los Jameos del Agua.

The entrance to the water is quite complicated due to the its rocky bottom but worth it as you will find long and fast left waves of great size. As for the wind, it blows all year round, but the best time is from April to September.

Windsurf en Lanzarote
Windsurf in Lanzarote


Kitesurfing in Famara, Costa Teguise and Playa Honda 

Lanzarote is also a paradise for kitesurfers, thanks to the constant trade winds, both for beginners and experts in this sport.

The best time for kitesurfing is when the trade winds are blowing, mainly in the summer season, although from September to March you can also kitesurf without any problems.

1. Famara

Famara beach is the place par excellence for kitesurfing, as the conditions are unbeatable, especially thanks to the direction of the wind, which tends to go northwards. 

Its more than six kilometers of extension allow you to enjoy this sport without disturbing anyone, all of this under the imposing Risco de Famara, which is more than 400 meters high, a place like no other. In addition, many of the island's kitesurfing schools are also located here, making it a good place to get started.

2. Playa Honda

The very long beach of Playa Honda has also become a popular spot for kitesurfers in recent years, as it not only has plenty of space for kitesurfing, but it is also frequented by very few people.

The best conditions are found when the wind blows from the east, as when the wind turns and blows from the land, it tends to push offshore.

3. Costa Teguise, Los Charcos

Finally, for the more experienced kitesurfers, the perfect place to kitesurf is in the Los Charcos area of Costa Teguise.

This beach tends to be very windy and with a very rough tide, so sometimes it can be quite a challenge to practice this sport. It is also important to mention that it tends to have very little water at low tide.

Kitesurfer taking a wave