Brexit has not affected the arrival of British tourists: Ryanair does not rule out recovering its base in Lanzarote

The number of tourists arriving from that country is almost the same as it was before its separation from the European Union


30 de agosto de 2022 (11:56 CET)
Actualizado el 30 de agosto de 2022 (11:58 CET)
Elena Cabrera | Ryanair
Elena Cabrera | Ryanair

Brexit has not affected the arrival of British tourists to Lanzarote, contrary to what companies such as Ryanair anticipated.

According to the company, that was the reason why they decided to withdraw their bases from the island and from the entire Canary Islands two years ago, and now they do not rule out returning.

The year Brexit was approved, the island received 124,474 British tourists in July. In July 2019 -half a year before it came into force- there were 121,462.

Last month, 124,049 visitors from the UK arrived in Lanzarote, with figures that are very similar, even, to those prior to the pandemic.

In this regard, the spokeswoman for Ryanair Spain and Portugal, Elena Cabrera, affirms that at the time they thought "that it was going to affect much more in terms of operations" and that "volume and capacity were going to drop a lot". “The reason for closing it was commercial, and if we reopen it, it will be for something commercial. In the Canary Islands we operate a lot, it is a very important region. We are operating more than in 2019. The Canary Islands is a destination that sells itself and works all year round. Therefore, it would make sense to reopen the bases again, ”says the company spokeswoman. “We operate in 28 airports and we have 10 bases. If we were interested in opening more bases, the ones that would make the most sense would be the Canary Islands”, adds Elena Cabrera.